Qi Gong Breathing Exercises

Always done with tongue on the roof of mouth, breathing through the nose.

Feet straight ahead, shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

1. 2-handed opening: Right hand on left shoulder, left arm extended, shoulder height. Swing left arm forward, sliding right hand to tip of left hand while extending right arm as left hand slides to right shoulder.

2. Gathering: Inhale, raising arms laterally, bring hands to front with thumbs extended toward third eye. Exhale while slowly lowering hands.

3. Single Push: Left arm extends, hand in flexed position, Push to left while looking left. Look right and lower left arm while raising right arm, push to right.

4. Loose Fists: Loose fists at waist, palms extend forward & upward, turn palms down.. Arms extend laterally then back in, then back to waist.

5. Palms Inside Out: Loose fists forward & upward,, turn palms inside out, forming circle. Turn left, center, right, center. Rotate arms, loose fists with palms upward back to waist.

6, Ward Off: Left hand, palm down, to R shoulder. Lead left with left elbow, extend arm. Change to right arm.. Then rotate, left and right.

7. Palm to Face: Left palm to face, lower arm & extend while rotating arm. Left arm first, then right, then both.

8. Forming ball: Cupped hands in front, fingers forward, Turn left, then center, then right, then center.

9. Expanding ball: Hands in front, fingers forward. Inhale as hands move out laterally. Exhale, moving hands back to center. Then open hands at 45° angle, right and left.

10. Reaching across body: Reach across body at 45° angle just above opposite shoulder; right then left.

11. 6-in-1: Bend forward at waist, up; squat; up; bend left, swing to straight ahead, up; bend forward at waist, up; squat; up; bend right, swing to straight ahead, up.

12. Windmill 6-in-1: Like 6-in-1 except moving hands in long circles.

One foot forward, opposite foot at 45° angle.

1. Shoulder roll (forward and backward)

2. Elbow figure 8: Make a fist with RH, pull across body, sit down and draw across leg and forward while swinging forward and back.

3. Row Boat: Palms down, both loose fists forward and back.

4. Hand forward, tuck at hip: Hand forward with palm out, then bring back, tuck at hip and bring forward with palm up. Bring back behind ear and forward with palm out again.

5. Dropping Fists: Body forward, loose fists forward, body back as arms extend laterally, forward again with fists and back to sides.

6. Back of hands together: Draw up Liver meridian on left side, then put other foot forward, change hands, and draw up Liver meridian on right side.

Heels together, toes apart

1. Sweeping chi: Fists at waist, inhale up palm facing away, exhaling reach across body to floor and sweep back, grap chi, inhale up, fist to waist and exchanging hands reverse the process.

Both feet straight ahead, wider than shoulders

1. Pulling chi: Left hand over right hand, raise upper hand up, then lower lower hand down. Then reverse process.

2. Chakra wash: Arms to side, figure 8 with flexed hands, bring hands up to 3rd eye area (forward with palms to face). Turn palms in, facing each other, and slowly move down chakras, ending with figure 8.

3. Baby greets the Buddha: Bring arms out, bring left leg behind and to the right of right foot and bow down, hands in praying position. Reverse.

4. Kidney Breath: Exhale down, inhale up, compress, grab more chi, compress, etc. Exhale, placing hands along side of nose and blowing out.

5. Dispersal: Inhale, gathering up, reach down between legs, pulling out to sitting position, push exhalation with fists pushing forward, inhale while rising and drawing fists to waist, exhale, palms to parallel earth.