The Juice that will Change Your Life

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I recognize the many health benefits of the acai berry and the other components of Mona•Vie, a functional beverage containing acai as well as 18 other fruits and berries. This product will benefit your health in a number of important ways. It has a very high level of antioxidants, and is very helpful for reducing inflammation. This product is easy for everyone to use. Just drink a couple of ounces twice a day. I do not recommend a nutritional product lightly, and this is a product that I recommend highly. It benefits people of all ages and health conditions. I strongly encourage you to read more about the amazing acai blend, and then order a case or two to get started on improving your family's health. If your family could use a boost in income, take a look at the average incomes earned in Mona•Vie during the last year. During these challenging economic times, Mona•Vie will provide a reliable source of residual income that can grow into a large business.